Why Vulnerability Management?

Our vulnerability management service helps clients and partners to mitigate risk faster. Security is a never ending cycle and vulnerabilities identified in penetration tests or vulnerability assessments must be mitigated in a timely manner. If your organisation is not able to mitigate risks faster than new risks are discovered, then you are losing the race against adversaries and increasing your chances to get breached.

In your position as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), you work to mitigate threats and face challenges, which come from the lack of transparency and accountability in multi-departmental organisations. We aim to change that.  Existing mitigation processes have little to no oversight. Technology specialists and the third parties in charge of the mitigation process don’t have access to the tools the security operations centre (SOC) uses day-to-day, leaving them unaccountable.

To solve this problem, we must think and act differently.

We are a cloud-based cyber-security platform that allows organisations to reduce your cyber-security risks faster by simplifying the mitigation processes, improving transparency and collaboration between IT security teams, technology specialists and third-parties. We provide strategic insight for you as a CISO and your senior leadership.

We bring visibility and governance to your organisation through the efficient management of risks by introducing mitigation enforcement as a new concept. We are making every person accountable on the mitigation process and allowing effective collaboration between the team members, whether they are internal or external parties.

We focus on human resources and their link to the mitigation produce. Our platform reduces the complexity of the process by integrating several cyber-security technologies in an easy-to-use interface, similar to the other project management tools you are used to.

By offering a collaborative workflow approach, we bring transparency, accountability, and governance on an organisational level to improve collaboration between security specialists and each technology team, taking advantage of your existing tools to enhance their effectiveness and drastically reduce the mitigation time.


 1. Collaboration:
Streamlining communication to favour collaboration between internal and external teams.

 2. Accountability:
Increasing the visibility of the people involved in the mitigation process to track their efficiency, favouring governance.

 3. Automation:
Automate complex cyber-security technologies, making them user-friendly as the project management tools and mobile apps usually used.

Our solution was designed from the ground up to complement the existing security tools, improving your return-over-investment, and making them more effective in the management of risks. To accomplish this, we have a universal comma comma-separated values (CSV) importer that allows you to upload vulnerability and risk data regardless of the tool you used to generate it.

It also allows you to import information from penetration testing reports or audits directly from a spreadsheet delivered to you by your service provider.

Our platform allows companies to close the breach between detection and mitigation to reduce your company’s risk exposure.

Our Solution

How is the mitigation process improved?
Our approach consists of 4 key components:

 1. Consolidate:
From a single sign-on, you can visualise all your vulnerabilities and risks detected through your existing security tools.

 2. Inform:
Our dashboard provides transparency to the C-level in regards to the current risk level and mitigation status.

 3. Empower:
Through our collaborative workflow approach, we improve communication and collaboration across teams so the Security Operations Centre can assign, track and monitor IT specialists and third-parties in charge mitigation.

 4. Accountability:
Make every technology specialist or third-party accountable for their tasks.

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