Incident Response is the process of identifying, investigating and recovering from a cyber-attack. Sometimes, even the best defenses are breached and sensitive data is compromised. Our process focuses on five key areas:

  • Ensuring threat actors are no longer present in the network,

  • Developing and implementing the incident response plan,

  • Identifying the scope of the breach and the data impacted,

  • Attempting to attribute the attack to a threat actor or group, and

  • Closing the vulnerability that allowed the data breach occur.

Our proven process has helped over one hundred businesses across the country recover from data breaches. We specialise in helping our clients quickly move past this disruptive event and get back to running their businesses.

Ransomware Recovery

Ransomware is the most common form of a data breach. When helping our clients recover from a ransomware attack, we always start by trying to find free ransomware decryption keys. Don’t pay a ransom without talking to us first! If that is unsuccessful, we assist our clients in recovering their data and closing the vulnerability to reduce the chances of being the victim of another attack.

Cloud-Based Data Security Breaches

As more and more businesses move their data to the cloud, hackers are also shifting their focus there as well. We have conducted investigations on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and more. We will quickly identify the threat, help you resolve the issues, and get you back to work.

Inside Threat Investigations

Unfortunately, some attacks are caused by disgruntled employees to introduce malware onto a network to disrupt the operations of their employer. We excel at forensic investigations and leverage our backgrounds in the Law Enforcement and Intelligence Communities to identify the individuals responsible. We also conduct corporate espionage investigations and identify data that may have been stolen from your networks.

Incident Response Plan Development

Unfortunately, most businesses will suffer a data breach at some point. Developing an Incident Response plan is crucial to quickly and effectively identify and respond to a data breach. We have helped dozens of companies write tailored incident response plans specific to their data and networks. We find that business who have and follow an Incident Response plan during a data breach recover much faster than those that do not.

Forensic Analysis

In the aftermath of a security incident or breach, clients often need Security experts to carry out an incident response plan and perform Forensic Analysis. We will analyse malware with reverse engineering techniques, examine log files and access patterns to determine the gravity of the incident. We will prepare digital evidence, which is admissible in court and work hand-in-hand with law enforcement and our clients on evidence gathering.

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