IP Telephony and Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) is a framework for integrating various asynchronous and real-time communication tools, with the goal of enhancing business communication, collaboration and productivity.  Unified communications does not represent a singular technology; rather, it describes an interconnected system of enterprise communication devices and applications that can be used in concert or successively.

Some business communication tools IP telephony, VoIP and video conferencing facilitate real-time communication, also called synchronous communication. Other enterprise communication tools, like email, facilitate asynchronous communication, which facilitates communication that takes place at a person's convenience.

Increasingly, team collaboration tools have emerged to offer messaging-centric workflows and near-real-time communication. These tools also offer voice and video capabilities, API integrations and, ultimately, expound on instant-messaging services by providing more robust UC features.

The goal of unified communications is to integrate the software that supports synchronous and asynchronous communication so the end user has easy access to all tools from whatever device is in use. If you have a solutions already in place and unified communications testing is what you need, then please contact us to talk to a specialist.

Our UC services are a flexible, feature-packed solution offering unrivalled flexibility for home and remote working.  It is the perfect business system for a workforce on the move. Managed communication, managed telephony solutions and managed telecom solutions are essential in modern businesses.

The service offers iOS, Android and Desktop applications that leverage the power of the cloud to transform virtually any device into a full-featured desk phone extension, helping streamline staff communications regardless of location.  It makes it easier to manage calls, too, enabling call forwarding, re-direct and transfer through an intuitive, simple-to-use online portal.  There is no on-site installation required with managed comms - you can start enjoying all the benefits of UC straight away with little or no disruption to your business.

One of our core services is the fully-managed service operated from BroadSoft’s cloud infrastructure, allowing service providers to benefit from faster time-to-market and the ability to outpace PBX vendors with rapid feature release upgrades.  At the same time, enterprises are provided with a single, scalable solution to penetrate new global markets and accommodate long-term growth.

Our customers have access to BroadSoft’s tools that bring together essential communications services, such as instant messaging, presence, voice and video calling, multi-party video collaboration, and desktop sharing in real-time to enhance business productivity. If a customer purely wants a VoIP solution we offer the best VoIP solutions as well. We believe we have the best VoIP services Hove has to offer, the best VoIP services Brighton has to offer, the best VoIP services Sussex has to offer, the best VoIP services London has to offer, the best VoIP services the UK has to offer and the best VoIP services Europe has to offer!

Communications are fundamental to the running of any business that the infrastructure must be ready to support enterprises looking for a fast transition to UC.  Working with a global innovation partner such as BroadSoft means both PrimoConnect and our customers are in a strong position today and ensure that we are future-proofing their businesses as they evolve.

Mike Wilkinson, vice president, market offers, BroadSoft, added: “As a full Unified Communications experience that enables service providers to makes voice, video, business directories, call logs, and instant messaging and presence available on a single user interface, BroadSoft’s application accelerates the enterprise shift from premise-based to hosted UC – while helping businesses realise the full benefits of the cloud.”

A growing number of PrimoConnect customers operate in more than one office – with this figure increasing year-on-year. Taking into account the geographic diversity of customer operations, we look at scalability and mobility as high priorities when considering technologies.  As the mobile workforce expands, our customers demand more flexible IT and communications infrastructure that can securely support applications and devices in any location. By working with BroadSoft, we now meet this demand faster and more efficiently than competing market players.

Alongside our Unified Communications and hosted voice services, including hosted telephony, with the mobile applications provided as standard, PrimoConnect’s managed mobility solutions are designed with device control, performance and customer service at the core.

With the ever evolving unification of communications, the demand for businesses to work in a less rigid manner has grown exponentially.  By auditing your current working practices and policies we can understand your existing and expected future requirements to enable us to review the best solutions between the major UK networks O2, Vodafone and EE and the technological providers that provide the intelligent systems your users need.

We believe we have the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services Hove has to offer, the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services Brighton has to offer, the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services Sussex has to offer, the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services London has to offer, the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services the UK has to offer and the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services Europe has to offer!

We understand the changing strengths and weaknesses of these large carriers and providers and take this into account when discussing potential solutions and packages with you.  We review handset functionality, operating systems, security, business policies and any mobile data/WiFi/hotspot requirements you may have.

Management of these services in-life is delivered 24x7 from our UK support teams.

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