In addition to our penetration testing services we also offer a variety of security consulting support offerings.

Incident Response / Forensic Analysis

In the aftermath of a security incident or breach, clients often need disaster recovery support and assistance in getting back online. Additionally, customers often need security experts to carry out an incident response plan and perform forensic analysis. We are here to help. We will analyse malware with reverse engineering techniques, examine log files and access patterns to determine the gravity of the incident. We will prepare digital evidence, which is admissible in court and work hand-in-hand with law enforcement and our clients on evidence gathering.

OSINT Cyber Intelligence

We offer an intelligence service to the private sector by proactively monitoring and reporting activity in cyber space, which concerns our client’s interests. We turn all intelligence into an informational product delivered to the client.

Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability management service helps clients and partners to mitigate risk faster. Security is a never ending cycle and vulnerabilities identified in penetration tests or vulnerability assessments must be mitigated in a timely manner. If your organisation is not able to mitigate risks faster than new risks are discovered, then you are losing the race against adversaries and increasing your chances to get breached.