DDoS Attack Prevention

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a cyber attack that attempts to overwhelm your business’ online service.  If successful, this attack will take your business offline, stopping employees from accessing email, websites, using VoIP phones and prevent customers from visiting the company website, this could have a crippling and financially damaging impact on your business.

The risks of leaving your business on an unprotected network are: loss of Internet connection for up to days at a time, loss of Internet based telephony services, data theft, your company website being unreachable for the period and employees being unable to access emails and websites.

Benefits of using our DDoS attack protection are that: it provides 24/7 protection, it is always up to date, it is network-based detection meaning you do not have to maintain equipment onsite, it uses the world’s largest ingestion capacity, there are no up-front or maintenance costs and it is a ‘buy and forget’ solution.

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