Cloud computing or IT as a service (ITaaS) is when IT software and services are delivered over the web and through a browser.

This transfers the responsibility for IT maintenance, software upgrades and any system issues onto the service provider, allowing small and medium size companies (SMEs) to focus on their core business instead of their infrastructure.  That is why the cloud is especially appealing to SMEs, which have a smaller workforce and less capacity for time-consuming and expensive IT maintenance.

We can support both customers' in-house and hosted requirements.  Our ITaaS solution was developed as an alternative to the upfront costs needed to achieve a seamless IT infrastructure within an office.  This service gives small to medium firms the freedom to access and share data between their staff whenever and wherever they are and at any time, in an efficient and cost effective way.

As a simple one stop solution to all your IT needs in one place ITaaS importantly carries no expensive up front purchases.  There is a straight forward cost per user per month where the business is only charged for the applications that staff need. We believe we have the best cloud services Hove has to offer, the best cloud services Brighton has to offer, the best cloud services Sussex has to offer, the best cloud services London has to offer, the best cloud services the UK has to offer and the best cloud services Europe has to offer!

Other key features include: 24/7 internet access to all your data, documents, emails, specialised applications etc. from anywhere, secure backed up data to ensure you’re never without your data, free data upload of all your documents and emails, free copy of data on request (it is your data), latest Microsoft Office, sufficient storage for the majority of small to medium size businesses, anti-spam & anti-virus scanning on all emails, encryption for sending information securely over the internet, unlimited telephone support on any IT issue, including printers, scanners, iPhones, iPads etc., data stored separately allowing you to easily add/remove users - include new software, multiple domains including domain name management, we control and point your emails, your data is secured on its own database separated from other clients here in the UK, all data is backed up every night and written to tapes and stored in a fireproof safe, we operate from two secure sites with biometric security and fingerprint access to high security areas and all of our systems are run from our dedicated hosting servers and managed by a team of highly experienced engineers with many years of extensive knowledge.

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