“There are two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those who don’t know they have been hacked.”
John Chambers, Ex-CEO, Cisco Systems


PrimoConnect’s portfolio is centred around Security and Infrastructure.

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A Penetration Test is a method of evaluating computer and network security by simulating an attack on a computer system or network from external and internal threats. The same tools, know-how and methodologies are being used, as malicious hackers would employ. The difference to a real attack is the fact that testing is done with the explicit written consent of the client and the purpose is to produce a comprehensive report and to close down security holes, before a real attacker can exploit them.

Why should you get regular penetration tests or infrastructure security testing?  What would happen if a competitor or hacker would steal your digital assets?  What legal consequences and lawsuits would a security breach have for you?  What financial implications would you face if your IT systems are taken down?  What reputational damage would a successful hack pose to your business?  Did you know that 90% of all deployed IT systems have vulnerabilities?

Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments can take many forms.  Types of penetration testing include: network testing, web application testing (web app penetration testing), wireless network testing, mobile application testing, source code security reviews, and more. With offices in London and Brighton, UK, and testers also located in USA, PrimoConnect can test onsite as well as well as remotely. We believe we can provide the best security audit Hove has to offer, the best security audit Brighton has to offer, the best security audit Sussex has to offer, the best security audit London has to offer, the best security audit UK has to offer and the best security audit Europe has to offer! The depth and experience of our offensive security expertise is second to none.

Our excellent and supremely qualified, experienced and certified team as well as our comprehensive reporting including both board-level executive summary and in-depth technical detail set us apart from the competition.

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Social engineering (including physical security TESTING)

Often Security is breached despite the fact that the latest perimeter defences are in place.  Why? An employee may simply plug a USB stick in which claims to contain Amazon vouchers, brought their own infected device into the corporate network, clicked on a malicious PDF or simply visited a malware website as he/she thought the email instruction to click on that link came from his/her manager.  Could your staff be tricked that way?  Our Social Engineering services can find out.

We provide Social Engineering education via a PrimoConnect login where you can create a PrimoConnect account. Please ask for more information on our courses.

We can also provide cyber intelligence services, online investigation services, remediation services, compliance consulting and forensic analysis.

We have a team of ex-security services personnel that can provide a range of physical security testing services where required.

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network security

Agile businesses can't exist in a silo.  However, just as technology brings opportunity, it adds complexity and increases your exposure to threats such as ransomware. Today's cyber threat landscape is complex and fast-evolving, spanning human, technological and criminal vectors. And when the risks of getting it wrong are financial, legal and reputational, you need an enterprise security strategy that provides defence in depth.

Through our valued partnerships we can provide industry leading Cisco, Palo Alto and Fortinet solutions and security infrastructure design along with many other best of breed security vendors. Managed communications security is integral to what we do.

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ddos attack prevention

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) is a cyber attack that attempts to overwhelm your business’ online service.  If successful, this attack will take your business offline, stopping employees from accessing email, websites, using VoIP phones and prevent customers from visiting the company website, this could have a crippling and financially damaging impact on your business.

The risks of leaving your business on an unprotected network are: loss of Internet connection for up to days at a time, loss of Internet based telephony services, data theft, your company website being unreachable for the period and employees being unable to access emails and websites.

Benefits of using our DDoS attack protection are that: it provides 24/7 protection, it is always up to date, it is network-based detection meaning you do not have to maintain equipment onsite, it uses the world’s largest ingestion capacity, there are no up-front or maintenance costs and it is a ‘buy and forget’ solution.

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application security

Mobile applications are increasingly targeted by hackers.  Gartner estimates that as much as “75% of mobile breaches will be traced back to mobile apps by 2017.”  Any such breach can have far-reaching consequences for the involved organisations.

We help you secure your applications and your organisation against hacking and its consequences. Our software integrates transparently in the build process and adds multiple layers of protection to your Android and iOS applications.  It effectively hardens them against both on-device and off-device attacks.

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mobile device management

Mobile Device Management secures your mobile devices, content and apps.  

We understand your mobility challenges.  Advances in mobility have enabled businesses to become more productive as the number of employees working remotely increases, yet with this added flexibility, businesses can often feel that there is a loss of control.

Mobile is rapidly transforming how organisations do business.  However, managing and protecting the mobile devices, apps and content that contain sensitive corporate data can present overwhelming challenges for any IT or Security team.

Now you can take control of business-critical data on your company smartphones and tablets with our device management solution.  It keeps you connected to your field employees and in control of any sensitive information carried on staff mobile devices.

Our online portal gives you the capability to view all employee devices and configure these remotely, providing remote management of your business devices.  You can communicate with your remote workers instantly through instant messaging.  Protect your business by having the option to remotely wipe devices containing any confidential company data, preserving your company’s data and reputation.  Business management reporting helps you to understand your device hardware, software and agent usage.

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Our DMARC solution is an email security product that guides individuals and organisation of all sizes to full DMARC protection in order to block phishing attacks and increase the deliverability of their authorised emails.  Users are presented with simple actions to setup SPF, DKIM and DMARC based on their unique email configuration.  With our solution you can be sure to reach full DMARC protection with confidence no matter what your level of expertise.

The three steps to securing your domain with our solution are: your email configuration remains the same and we monitor your email traffic for you so you can easily identify authentic and phishing sources sending using your domain, you are given bespoke actions to configure SPF and DKIM for your authorised email sources and, finally, once you have properly configured SPF and DKIM and have no authorised traffic failing authentication for 7 days, our solution will provide you with your DMARC reject policy to block all unauthorised senders from sending on your behalf. We will continue to monitor your domain and alert you when changes need to be made.

The service was created to allow individuals of all abilities and companies of all sizes to deploy a secure DMARC policy quickly and economically. It also help users deploy and maintain their SPF and DKIM records.

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security accreditation training

Two of the best known cyber certifications available are Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus.  Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus help you to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate your commitment to cyber security.  Our consultants run through a gap-analysis exercise and subsequent guidance to help prepare your business to become Cyber Essentials (Plus) certified.

We can also assist in a similar way with other respected cyber certifications.

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gdpr support

Every company has a requirement to ensure that their organisation adheres to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation.  There is an opportunity to use the GDPR to review current policies, structures, processes and technology and, as well as ensuring that all privacy obligations are met, to use the exercise to enhance and improve working practices.

PrimoConnect can provide GDPR gap analysis audits and guidance for compliance.

GDPR came into force on 25th May 2018.  Our GDPR compliance support engagement is designed to assess the readiness of customers to adhere to the key principles of GDPR and prepare a plan of action to be ready for GDPR as soon as possible.

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infrastructure as a service (iaas)

Our Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform provides you with greater freedom and security when configuring your applications in the cloud.  MPLS network integration allows you to migrate applications to our private cloud data centres but still integrate those applications with existing services and networking.  We have: an award-winning self-service IaaS portal experience, a platform that we manage up to the hypervisor, a library of virtual machine templates included, public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud solutions, flexible “pay for what you use” billing, PCI DSS certified services and a single portal view across your services.

We have designed a flexible cloud hosting platform which integrates, not only with our private hosting / private cloud, public cloud services such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, networks and communications services, but also with your existing environment.  We continually invest in the cloud platform and secure infrastructure solutions to meet the needs of UK businesses like you.  We take care of the ongoing 24x7 management and monitoring of the IaaS platform.  However, you retain the control and UK support you need.  We are available to work with you to ensure your service continually meets your needs.

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platform as a service (paas)

We can support most platform requirements and we remain solution-agnostic and outcome-focused.  Whether the right solution for your company is Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud providing close integration with Microsoft services; or the assurance of high availability and service performance guarantees offered by our private cloud solution (IaaS) to your business infrastructure as a hybrid alternative, we can advise you accordingly - application by application, function by function.

When creating infrastructure solutions, our starting point is your business, your challenges and your objectives.  Our focus is on enabling productivity, removing high-cost investment cycles and increasing flexibility.  When designing a tailored solution, we consider all the technical and practical implications, including how users access applications and data, as well as the needed networking and connectivity.

We also assess the comparative benefits of on-premise infrastructure versus fully cloud-based or hybrid solutions by considering security, data retention, data protection, resilience, integration and cost. Based on our analysis, an intelligent solution will be drawn up by our design team, ensuring desired effectiveness, every time.

Our vendor agnostic advice and support is delivered by experienced consulting, engineering and support teams, who will design, build and deploy your tailored cloud platforms to the highest standards.

We will manage your systems across your environments and be the single point of contact for your suppliers.

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it as a service (itaas)

Cloud computing or IT as a service (ITaaS) is when IT software and services are delivered over the web and through a browser.

This transfers the responsibility for IT maintenance, software upgrades and any system issues onto the service provider, allowing small and medium size companies (SMEs) to focus on their core business instead of their infrastructure.  That is why the cloud is especially appealing to SMEs, which have a smaller workforce and less capacity for time-consuming and expensive IT maintenance.

We can support both customers' in-house and hosted requirements.  Our ITaaS solution was developed as an alternative to the upfront costs needed to achieve a seamless IT infrastructure within an office.  This service gives small to medium firms the freedom to access and share data between their staff whenever and wherever they are and at any time, in an efficient and cost effective way.

As a simple one stop solution to all your IT needs in one place ITaaS importantly carries no expensive up front purchases.  There is a straight forward cost per user per month where the business is only charged for the applications that staff need. We believe we have the best cloud services Hove has to offer, the best cloud services Brighton has to offer, the best cloud services Sussex has to offer, the best cloud services London has to offer, the best cloud services the UK has to offer and the best cloud services Europe has to offer!

Other key features include: 24/7 internet access to all your data, documents, emails, specialised applications etc. from anywhere, secure backed up data to ensure you’re never without your data, free data upload of all your documents and emails, free copy of data on request (it is your data), latest Microsoft Office, sufficient storage for the majority of small to medium size businesses, anti-spam & anti-virus scanning on all emails, encryption for sending information securely over the internet, unlimited telephone support on any IT issue, including printers, scanners, iPhones, iPads etc., data stored separately allowing you to easily add/remove users - include new software, multiple domains including domain name management, we control and point your emails, your data is secured on its own database separated from other clients here in the UK, all data is backed up every night and written to tapes and stored in a fireproof safe, we operate from two secure sites with biometric security and fingerprint access to high security areas and all of our systems are run from our dedicated hosting servers and managed by a team of highly experienced engineers with many years of extensive knowledge.

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amazon web services (aws)

High profile brands improve and innovate with us on Amazon Web Services.  We consult, design, build and proactively manage the right infrastructure and automation tooling for high-profile, high traffic websites on Amazon Web Services.

Our public cloud team hold 100+ AWS certifications delivering a local service.  To offer you the highest quality local service we have brought together a team of the best AWS engineering talent across Europe to share best practice.  We are focused on producing the best work that gives our customers a competitive edge.

Our AWS team work closely in collaboration with the digital commerce teams.  With a strong track record building e-commerce infrastructure and automation, we are well placed to ensure your environment is fully secure and PCI compliant, whilst also providing the reliability and performance you need.

Our AWS managed service expertise includes: automation deployment and configuration, infrastructure as code
autoscaling, continual performance analysis, Magento on AWS and cloud networking. In terms of customer headquarters’ geographic spread, we provide our AWS managed services in London, the South East of England and across the UK.

Whether you are already using AWS and need help with automation, optimisation and support or looking to build a green field environment for a new application, we can help.

We can also provide AWS Well Architected Reviews.

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microsoft azure

You can extend and transform your existing IT in Azure.  Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated cloud services – analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage and web – for moving faster, achieving more and saving money.

Whether you are already using Microsoft Azure, looking to migrate or start completely fresh in a green field environment, we can help.  Working in close collaboration with your team and with a deep understanding of Microsoft technologies, we are well placed to design, build and manage your environment, providing the reliability and performance you need.

We start with understanding you and your objectives.  Our team being Microsoft Gold Partners and active contributors to the open source community, we combine our understanding of your business with deep technical knowledge to create the right service.  Our expert architects and consultants work with you to design the right solution for your needs (both now and with scalability for the future).  We are focused on producing the best work that gives our customers a competitive edge.  Our Microsoft Azure expertise and pre-built templates enable us to cut deployment times significantly compared to other providers and in-house teams.  Once built, we provide full, 24/7 pro-active monitoring and management of your infrastructure with real-time performance dashboards linked to your business KPIs. Going way beyond the traditional 'react and patch' approach managed service provision usually entails, we work as an extension of your team, collaborating to continually optimise performance for your customers.

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google cloud

With our Google Cloud service and consultancy you can slash deployment times in half, enabling you to focus on your code.  We are focused on providing technical excellence and insight to help our ambitious customers win in their markets.

Using the same global infrastructure that powers Google Search, YouTube, and Google Mail, we consult, design, build and proactively manage the right infrastructure and automation tooling for you.  The combination of our deep Google Cloud Platform expertise and proven pre-built template approach means that we can accelerate your Cloud projects time to value.

We can integrate your solution seamlessly with Google’s advanced state-of-the-art management toolset, including fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehousing with BigQuery, BigTable, and Google Container Engine powered by open source giant Kubernetes.  With considerable experience running containers, Google is well placed to provide fast, powerful and flexible solutions for your software.

Via close collaboration with your team and a strong track record building Google Cloud Platform infrastructure and automation, we are well placed to design, build and manage your environment, providing the reliability and performance you need.

Our Google Cloud Platform expertise includes: infrastructure as code, autoscaling, continual performance analysis and petabyte-scale data analysis.

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wide area networks (wan) & sd-wan

PrimoConnect’s WAN and SD-WAN services are designed with application performance, security, resilience and customer service at the core.

Working with best of breed national and global network partners that we trust to reach the expected levels of support for PrimoConnect customers, we also have some exciting niche provider partners with fantastic business-enabling opportunities.  We design, provision and support SD-WAN solutions such as Cisco's Viptela and Meraki but also provide other best of breed SD-WAN services.

PrimoConnect can provide WAN performance and security audits if you have items you need investigated on existing networks.

We have three core steps to providing the right network solution for you.

Our consultants are highly experienced in designing networks for medium and large enterprises.  The technical design and network engineers are Cisco certified up to CCIE level and widely experienced in a range of other technologies.  This enables us to get ‘under the bonnet’ to understand what applications make your business tick and what critical infrastructure criteria they need to make them tick.  This enables us to ensure any new or upgraded network has your business requirements at the core of our design.  Some clients wish for us to carry out bespoke network audits, including written reports, prior to designing the upgraded wide area network to establish the root cause of complex legacy issues prior to submitting the final design.  We would discuss this thoroughly with customers to work in the most commercially viable way.

Technical project management and carefully managed installation (including the diligent management of carrier circuit deployments) with a nominated technical lead engineer throughout deployment and on-boarding the network to the PrimoConnect monitoring and management systems ensures we work closely with you to deliver the network in line with your business requirements.  Any network-affecting business changes during delivery are captured, documented, agreed and implemented as part of a constant evaluation process with your technical account manager and project manager.

Customer focused network management is key for the network to be a business-enabler in-life.  Managing core partners and customer requirements whilst meeting Service Level Agreements is critical to high levels of customer satisfaction.  Managed communication services are an essential part of our solutions. Our Network Operations Centre service desk operation will always provide a Single Point Of Contact for PrimoConnect managed communications services customers.  Our agile team understands our customers' networks inside-out and we ensure we build up personal contact throughout the life of the acquisition contract to maximise customer service.

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local area networks (lan) & sda-networks

To transform your network infrastructure in this world of digital transformation, you need to be able to keep up with the trends and applications your clients are demanding, with a clear understanding of what your customers and competitors are using.

We know the future of your business depends on reliable, scalable and accessible network infrastructure management.  Our team offers cross-discipline, cross-vendor skills and experience, allowing us to bring together 'best of breed' solutions. With our networking department being Cisco Premier Partners we have an enviable track record in project delivery.

We can transform your network infrastructure by the project management team working closely with your team to understand your applications, goals and strategies.  We will look at the capacity and capability of your IT resources and communications systems as well as evaluating your data centre.  We will then design and provide a secure and resilient network infrastructure management solution, designed specifically for your business. We are Cisco and HP unified network solutions specialists.

PrimoConnect can provide LAN performance and security audits if you have items you need investigated on existing networks.

Our key network solutions include: unified access - LAN and wireless, network auditing and consultancy (Cisco and Cisco Meraki specialists), software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) - routing, internet connectivity (Cisco iWAN, Cisco APIC-EM controller), disaster recovery/business continuity (Zerto, VMware and Rubrik specialists), managed services - network management, traffic monitoring, advanced service management, specialist proactive support 24/7, 365 days a year and professional solutions - training, design and optimisation services, strategy and planning.

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wireless networks

Like mobility, the unification of communications and demand for users to be able to work on the move has led to fantastic developments in wireless solutions.  Not just WiFi access points around your office or commercially beneficial guest solutions, but also other areas of wide area communications including laser, radio links and other new technologies that can connect within the same campus or externally between buildings up to 10 miles apart which Meraki wireless networks for example would not support.  We work with our partners to install and maintain mission-critical equipment around the UK and Europe.

PrimoConnect can provide wireless performance and security audits, including a wireless penetration test, if you have items you need investigated on existing networks.

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internet access (uk & Global)

We provide internet solutions that are built for business - fast, reliable connections, tailored to your needs.  We are highly experienced in deploying and supporting high-performance business Internet connections. 

In the UK we provide services from all the major carriers.  We use our expertise to find the best connection for your needs, building and supporting a solution that works for you.  We can provide: Flexible Ethernet Fibre Leased Lines up to 10Gbps bearer speeds, EFM (Ethernet First Mile), FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet), GEA (Ethernet over FTTC), Fibre Broadband and ADSL Broadband.

Globally we can provide Flexible Ethernet Fibre Leased Lines up to 10Gbps bearer speeds using major carriers in each country across over 200 nations, all managed via a single English-speaking support desk.

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We have Tier3+ (highest level in UK) data centre space that we provide via our best in class partnerships.  Forming part of a diversely routed network of data centres across the UK, and globally, we work with our key partner to provide well supported, top level performing, fully redundant and highly secure data centre solutions.

With our colocation services you can put your hardware, applications and data in a better place.  Whether you are running out of data centre space, want to improve the availability, security and compliance surrounding your data and applications, want to free yourself from a hardware refresh cycle or are looking for cloud migration support, we can help.

This service opens up a managed services pathway with proven value.  You get: the ability to choose from a variety of geographically diverse UK locations, 24x7 secure access to your hardware, to choose optional flexible and short-term contracts, full / half / quarter racks available, flexible power options, 99.95% guaranteed availability, PCI DSS compliant data centres, ISO 27001 security accredited services, optional 30 days minimum contract and free installation on three year contracts.

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PrimoConnect’s managed IT solutions are designed with scalability, reliability, integration and customer service at the core.

To complete the circle of managed solutions provided by PrimoConnect, our consultants work with customers to review existing IT infrastructure (local and cloud) and discuss any relevant improvements to solutions and company practices that may help the business.  Once understood, we have partners both large and small that can complement our UC delivery teams in providing consultancy, expertise and solutions as required.  Likewise, if a business simply would like to improve their current levels of support, we work with our network of partners to design the build, components and support package that best suits the customer's requirement.

Led by the rapid growth of Microsoft Office 365, SAAS solutions and cloud services we have a number of UK and international solutions that benefit businesses in today's modern environments.  

Our teams provide reviews and audits of existing infrastructure by both understanding the real-life working practices of businesses and carrying out technical analysis with investigative software to provide guidance for best practice.  We have experienced IT professionals in our team who can help with one-off projects and expert support teams that can provide an enhanced support package should you feel your current out-sourced support has dipped below the level you expect.

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project management

Our Project Delivery team are not just consultants that run away before delivery, nor just project managers that tick boxes.  Typically, we work closely with your internal team and we make a point of working with them right through to the hand-over to the support team.

We have extensive experience of ITIL and Agile process, as well as Prince qualifications, so can work happily with methodologies preferred by you and your team.

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load testing

We work with you to understand system usage so that we can simulate as realistic load as possible, as well as testing above this level to understand where the first pinch points will come. We will also work with the system owners to identify the best infrastructure or software solution to any problems found. We use both JMeter and HP LoadRunner and will provide any scripts produced in these industry standard tools to you for ongoing testing and monitoring.

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We support Agile projects, Support Teams and many other aspects of workflow for our clients. This is underpinned by a deep understanding of how to effectively implement the Atlassian toolset.

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unified communications

Unified communications (UC) is a framework for integrating various asynchronous and real-time communication tools, with the goal of enhancing business communication, collaboration and productivity.  Unified communications does not represent a singular technology; rather, it describes an interconnected system of enterprise communication devices and applications that can be used in concert or successively.

Some business communication tools IP telephony, VoIP and video conferencing facilitate real-time communication, also called synchronous communication. Other enterprise communication tools, like email, facilitate asynchronous communication, which facilitates communication that takes place at a person's convenience.

Increasingly, team collaboration tools have emerged to offer messaging-centric workflows and near-real-time communication. These tools also offer voice and video capabilities, API integrations and, ultimately, expound on instant-messaging services by providing more robust UC features.

The goal of unified communications is to integrate the software that supports synchronous and asynchronous communication so the end user has easy access to all tools from whatever device is in use. If you have a solutions already in place and unified communications testing is what you need, then please contact us to talk to a specialist.

Our UC services are a flexible, feature-packed solution offering unrivalled flexibility for home and remote working.  It is the perfect business system for a workforce on the move. Managed communication, managed telephony solutions and managed telecom solutions are essential in modern businesses.

The service offers iOS, Android and Desktop applications that leverage the power of the cloud to transform virtually any device into a full-featured desk phone extension, helping streamline staff communications regardless of location.  It makes it easier to manage calls, too, enabling call forwarding, re-direct and transfer through an intuitive, simple-to-use online portal.  There is no on-site installation required with managed comms - you can start enjoying all the benefits of UC straight away with little or no disruption to your business.

One of our core services is the fully-managed service operated from BroadSoft’s cloud infrastructure, allowing service providers to benefit from faster time-to-market and the ability to outpace PBX vendors with rapid feature release upgrades.  At the same time, enterprises are provided with a single, scalable solution to penetrate new global markets and accommodate long-term growth.

Our customers have access to BroadSoft’s tools that bring together essential communications services, such as instant messaging, presence, voice and video calling, multi-party video collaboration, and desktop sharing in real-time to enhance business productivity. If a customer purely wants a VoIP solution we offer the best VoIP solutions as well. We believe we have the best VoIP services Hove has to offer, the best VoIP services Brighton has to offer, the best VoIP services Sussex has to offer, the best VoIP services London has to offer, the best VoIP services the UK has to offer and the best VoIP services Europe has to offer!

Communications are fundamental to the running of any business that the infrastructure must be ready to support enterprises looking for a fast transition to UC.  Working with a global innovation partner such as BroadSoft means both PrimoConnect and our customers are in a strong position today and ensure that we are future-proofing their businesses as they evolve.

Mike Wilkinson, vice president, market offers, BroadSoft, added: “As a full Unified Communications experience that enables service providers to makes voice, video, business directories, call logs, and instant messaging and presence available on a single user interface, BroadSoft’s application accelerates the enterprise shift from premise-based to hosted UC – while helping businesses realise the full benefits of the cloud.”

A growing number of PrimoConnect customers operate in more than one office – with this figure increasing year-on-year. Taking into account the geographic diversity of customer operations, we look at scalability and mobility as high priorities when considering technologies.  As the mobile workforce expands, our customers demand more flexible IT and communications infrastructure that can securely support applications and devices in any location. By working with BroadSoft, we now meet this demand faster and more efficiently than competing market players.

Alongside our Unified Communications and hosted voice services, including hosted telephony, with the mobile applications provided as standard, PrimoConnect’s managed mobility solutions are designed with device control, performance and customer service at the core.

With the ever evolving unification of communications, the demand for businesses to work in a less rigid manner has grown exponentially.  By auditing your current working practices and policies we can understand your existing and expected future requirements to enable us to review the best solutions between the major UK networks O2, Vodafone and EE and the technological providers that provide the intelligent systems your users need.

We believe we have the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services Hove has to offer, the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services Brighton has to offer, the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services Sussex has to offer, the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services London has to offer, the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services the UK has to offer and the best mobile phone solutions and mobility services Europe has to offer!

We understand the changing strengths and weaknesses of these large carriers and providers and take this into account when discussing potential solutions and packages with you.  We review handset functionality, operating systems, security, business policies and any mobile data/WiFi/hotspot requirements you may have.

Management of these services in-life is delivered 24x7 from our UK support teams.

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Something that can become an onerous task for businesses is going to market for Business As Usual hardware, software and licensing pricing and managing the delivery of such products.

We work closely with customers to provide an excellent customer service based on fantastic partnerships with large hardware providers attaining excellent pricing from major distributors across the UK.

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The foundations of all non-wireless networks is structured cabling.  Whether customers need the Cat5/Cat6 cabling of: WiFi access points, new offices following IT moves, comms room install/upgrade/tidying, laser solutions, satellite or 3G/4G solutions, we believe that strong physical cabling that has been fully tested to industry standards is critical for all businesses.  Whether your company location is a small office in the Shires or a huge multi-room hotel in the capital we have the expertise and experience to implement or refresh the structured cabling for all circumstances.

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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force in May 2018 and places legal obligations on all firms controlling or processing the personal data of any citizen of the EU and UK.  The ICO (UK Information Commissioners Office) has confirmed that GDPR will be enacted in full in the UK and will not be affected by Brexit.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a new set of rules and regulations surrounding data protection. It has significant implications for all businesses and it will, in most cases, require quite significant adjustments to the way we ran our businesses prior to May 2018 if we are to stay on the right side of the law.

The PrimoConnect client brief sheet is designed to give a top level view of what is involved in GDPR and what needs to happen to be compliant with GDPR.

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