Our DMARC solution is an email security product that guides individuals and organisation of all sizes to full DMARC protection in order to block phishing attacks and increase the deliverability of their authorised emails.  Users are presented with simple actions to setup SPF, DKIM and DMARC based on their unique email configuration.  With our solution you can be sure to reach full DMARC protection with confidence no matter what your level of expertise.

The three steps to securing your domain with our solution are: your email configuration remains the same and we monitor your email traffic for you so you can easily identify authentic and phishing sources sending using your domain, you are given bespoke actions to configure SPF and DKIM for your authorised email sources and, finally, once you have properly configured SPF and DKIM and have no authorised traffic failing authentication for 7 days, our solution will provide you with your DMARC reject policy to block all unauthorised senders from sending on your behalf. We will continue to monitor your domain and alert you when changes need to be made.

The service was created to allow individuals of all abilities and companies of all sizes to deploy a secure DMARC policy quickly and economically. It also help users deploy and maintain their SPF and DKIM records.

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